Wellington, Fat Mikey Ashley, and football lunacy

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Dec 092010

Not much of note to report tonight. We’re waiting with crossed fingers and toes for the scan results for Gibbs’ ankle. I hope it turns out to be a minor knock. You can only call young Kieron promising because he’s been so drastically unlucky with injuries that we haven’t seen enough of him to really know if he’s got what it takes to make the left back position his own. Clichy’s tendency to switch off entirely is getting more and more frequent, so some pressure on him and competition for the left back position would be a good thing.

The other Arsenal news is that promising 17-year old Wellington Silva, who we signed from Brazilian side Fluminense, can’t actually come and play for us because he doesn’t have a work permit. Usually the requirement from the UK Home Office point of view is that players need to be regulars for their country. In the case of youngsters this can be worked around by getting a ‘Special Talent’ notice from FIFA. For “getting” read “giving the dodgy gits a brown envelope stuffed with cash, a Monte Carlo appartment and a Ukrainian bride with fake boobs.”

Anyway, FIFA have said “Well we might have said we’d give Welly Silver a ‘special talent’ bit of paper to take to the headmaster Home Office before, but because you didn’t give us wads of cash like those lovely Russians and Qataris, and you didn’t silence your media, we’re not giving you anything.” Or words to that effect. Arsène even apparently flew to see FIFA but got told something like the above.

The upshot is that we’ll appeal. If we’re unsuccessful he’ll have to go on loan to Spain, where after three years some geezer on the Costa del Sol can legally sell you a EU Passport for €250 and a nice new silver Merc, keys in the ignition thank you very much. Maybe he should try Croatia… it worked for Eduardo didn’t it?

On a serious note, it’s a real shame that we won’t get to see a kid in whom AW obviously has a lot of faith. Wenger’s word and record with Arsenal’s academy should be enough for FIFA.

I can’t finish this post without a few words about the lunacy that’s surrounding Newcastle. I truly don’t understand how Mike Ashley can think that Chris Hughton hasn’t done a good job. Or more importantly, how the f*ck Alan Pardew is going to do a better one. What a way to reward the man who won the Championship and has kept a newly-promoted side clear of the relegation zone. We should thank our lucky stars we have a sane board of directors at Arsenal, and don’t have to put up with the sheer lunacy of a nutjob like Mike Ashley. I heard he made Hughton play Football Manager against him to show him what a good manager he was. Nutter.

To end with, some quotes from the chief nobhead that is Patrice Evra, from @younggunsblog, to raise your ire, piss you off, and generally get you psyched for Monday night. We’ll know more about possible team news after Arsène’s press conference tomorrow.

At United, we only watch for Chelsea results.

Arsenal is only a good Academy. They play good football but win nothing. In 10 years we will forget about that club.

Let’s make that arrogant, garlic-munching tw*t eat his words on Monday.

Arsenally Yours,


Some news from the official Arsenal site – it doesn’t look like we’ll appeal the Wellington Silver decision, which is odd. The announcement just says that he’ll go on loan to a European club, which may well turn out to be Salamanca, with whom we’ve had similar dealings in the past.

I’d like to clarify my comments about Evra. Our French players can eat all the garlic they want. Evra doesn’t eat it nicely though. He munches it. All day long. The tw*t.