Dec 222010

I did promise a bit of a Chelski preview but that can wait until we actually hear something about the team news and indeed whether the game will go ahead at all.

In the meantime, there’s really very little going on. It’s snowing lots here, and in the next door county it was apparently -19°C. Bloody hell. I hope that the ground staff can grit the area around the Grove so the game is actually played on the 27th and not sometime in March.

Alisher Usmanov wants to buy more shares so that he ends up with a blocking stake of 29.9%, according to the Guardian. He wouldn’t be able to get enough of a share to force a takeover, because if he were to, there would be a shareholder vote, which he’d lose (I hope!), and then have to sell back shares until he had 29.9%, which would be a disaster, financially speaking. A blocking share would be worrying, particularly as he cis in fact Baron Greenback, scourge of Dangermouse and Penfold. What decisions would he block and why? What on earth is his agenda besides killing posh mice?

Baron Greenback

Baron Greenback

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

Hopefully his interest is honourable, financially motivated yes, but moderated by some love of the club. But what love of the club can he have? An Uzbek in charge of Arsenal? Please no. We will have to wait and see. There may well be no immediate truth to this story, but it’s always been reoprted that he wants a controlling stake in our beloved club. The concern has to be that he’ll emulate Hicks & Gillett and the Glazers. I just hope that there are provisions in place to prevent that sort of thing from happening even if Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith decides to sell her stake to him.

There’s more detail on the finances regarding Usmanov here.

Bendtner has been mouthing off again, this time saying good things:

I want to get back to 100 per cent, get back into the squad and take my chances when I get them to prove I should be there.

Presumably this will be followed in a week by a quote in which he slags of the management, other players, the fans and my mum. The arrogant mouthy git. Seriously though, I’m bored Nicklas, please just play the game and keep your thoughts to yourself.

In other news, and according to the Mail so I’m taking this with not so much a pinch of salt as a mountain of salt, we’re considering signing another Southampton speedy winger/striker, Alex Oxlade-Chaberlain. Hmm. For £10 million. No wonder AW has again reiterated that we’ll only sign players if the price is right.

Mario Balotelli’s arrogance has reached new levels as he was proclaimed the best young player in Europe, and claimed that he’d never heard of Jack Wilshere. I’m not going to say who by, because that would in some small way draw attention to this disgrace of a decision. He’s just not the best young player in Europe, by a long shot. The fact that he’s mates with Micah Richards inevitably means he’ll promise much but deliver little. He also says that only Messi is better than him. Honestly. Tw*t. I hope Jack introduces himself with skill first and the odd bone-crushing challenge second on the 5th January, when we host the Premier League’s nouveau riche at the Grove.

More tomorrow

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