Spurs v Arsenal Preview and Odds

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Apr 192011

A bit of a review of the Liverpool game first, as I was out of blog-ception and unable to post. Which is a good thing too. It would have been messy. A massive rant would have ensued.

I have to confess to some double standards. With work colleagues I put a brave face on, saying we were denied by a crazy bit of refereeing, where did he think we were? Old Trafford? You know the things you say when confronted with room-fulls of ManUre, Chelski and Sp*rs fans. What’s a gooner to do?

But deep inside, I knew that we threw it away. Or rather Eboue threw it away. Was it over-excitement that led to him giving away the penalty? Well if it was, then shame on the Ivorian. He’s meant to be one of the most experienced players out there. All we needed to do was play out a couple of minutes of extra time. All he needed to do was usher Lucas out towards the corner flag. I could have done that. My granny could have done that, and she’s had a heart attack and two hip replacements. Really poor, Manu.

And it could well have put to bed any chance we still had of winning the title. Yes, in theory, if we win all our games, it is just poosible if Chelsea also do us a favour, but can we do that? Can we go to Sh*te Hart Lane and get a result?

The heart says yes, but the head says, well, let’s bl**dy hope so. The consequences of another poor end to the season could be felt for quite some time.

All the players have got to step up to the plate, and that includes Fabregas and Nasri, who have been conspicuous by their comparative lack of form recently. Szczesny seems to have realised the importance of the ficture tomorrow night:

It is a very good game for us to come back from a big disappointment. We owe it to the fans as well because they are obviously very disappointed about what happened. We owe the fans a result at White Hart Lane.

Let’s hope the rest of the new lads, as well as more experienced players, can produce on Wednesday, and bring us back into contention not just in the league, but as a team itself. Lose, and it’s a serious indictment of the current crop of players, and by extension, of Wenger and his philosophy.

Odds to follow.

Bring on the rabble from up the road.

Arsenally Yours,


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